Support Team

The support team takes care of a multitude of details to allow the riders to concentrate on safely completing the Ride as their donors hope and expect. Assistance provided by the support team includes but is not limited to:

Planning and leading training rides, leading the peloton to keep it riding safely and cohesively, attending to riders’ mechanical problems, providing traffic management, arranging the transport of people, their bikes and luggage, looking after accommodation matters, arranging events between riding legs that involve the local Members of Parliament and representatives of supported FDV refuges, creating a record of the Ride.

The Ride could not be held without the dedicated but freely given work of support team members. The organisers thank them for their dedication to the cause of the Ride.

Contact Us

  • Email: [email protected]
    Event Organiser: (Geraldine Tunstead) 0429 605 705