Riders 2019

To help support victims of domestic violence, a team of cyclists will be making the 250 km journey from Busselton to Perth to raise community awareness of the issue and funds for the victims.


Reg Howard-Smith
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Paul Everingham
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Robert Cunningham
Robert Cunningham
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Sara Saberi
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Political Cycle

Chris Tallentire
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Roger Cook
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Zak Kirkup
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Dean Nalder
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Unions WA

Meredith Hammat
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Tony Buti
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Ben Harris
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Gareth Thomas
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Sam Buckeridge
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Gene Berry
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Anthony Richardson
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Nathan Saunders
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Steve Cataina
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Michael Hogan
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Jim Moss
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Michael Dowling
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Lawyers in the Fast Lane

Tim Hammond
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Phil Glesson
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Renea Capararo
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Daniel Brand
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KRS Workplace Law

Kevin Sneddon
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Darren Wright
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Jay Raja
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Rohan Versteegen
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North Perth Bendigo Bank

Edward Parra
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Darren Ball
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Paul D’alessando
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Circle of Friends

Michelle Coelho
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Claire Paddison
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Cate Wray
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Carol Williams
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