COVID 19 Policy

COVID 19 still poses risks to the health of Western Australians and to the capacity of the hospital system to provide timely care to patients. The organisers of the Ride Against Domestic Violence consider that the health and safety of the community comes first and that everyone has a responsibility to do whatever we can to keep the WA community free of COVID-19.

Should the organisers judge that the risk of the WA Government declaring a Public Health State of Emergency that would prevent the Ride happening is too great, they will cancel the Ride. A consideration for the organisers will be the risk of incurring costs associated with the event that may not be able to be recovered should the event be cancelled.

Recovered costs funded out of the rider participation fee will, if a rider requests, be refunded to the rider. If a refund is not requested then that amount will be retained as a donation. Donations raised through the Ride Against Domestic Violence are directed to supporting services provided by refuges for Western Australian women and their children experiencing or at risk of family and domestic violence.

Should the organisers cancel the Ride Against Domestic Violence, they will invite a team’s riders or its captain to nominate whether the donations raised are retained by the Ride Against Domestic Violence Foundation for donating to refuges or refunded to the donors. If the organisers do not receive an instruction, the donations raised will be retained.

Contact Us

  • Email: [email protected]
    Event Organiser: (Geraldine Tunstead) 0429 605 705